1. The student shall pay Hostel fee for one year as onetime payment, along with interest free refundable deposit in advance at the time of admission. The term for the hostel fee is one academic year as per the academic calendar of the institute
2. The Student is required to disclose all past medical history. Any nondisclosure of past medical history is at the risk of the student.
3. Boarders must bring the clothing and other essential things as per the list provided by the school. The clothes should be labeled and listed. The Student is personally responsible for safety of their all valuables.
4. They should be punctual and maintain strict discipline. Rooms have to be kept neat and clean

5. The lights in the bathroom should be used only as and when necessary and shall be switched off, when the bathroom is not in use.

6. While leaving the room, students should take care to switch off the lights and fans without fail. In case of default on this account, a reasonable fine per default occasion will be imposed by the warden /Rector.

7. The student should not leave taps open when the taps are dry, as it will result in subsequent loss of water and further aggravate the water problem.
8. Boarders are not allowed to keep any money, valuables, any electronic gadgets or mobile phones etc. with them

9. All purchases by the boarders must be done through the school authorities or parents and Guardians.
Pocket money,if given should be inform to the Warden and the authority is not responsible for loss or any other mishap which can occur due to this action.

10. Boarders will be taken outside the campus every second Saturday with parents.
Parents are not allowed to meet their wards during the weekdays. Parents can visit their wards only on the day fixed for ie Second Saturday of every month.

11. Students are expected to use the study time profitably and strict silence has to be maintained in the study hall.

12. Fancy belts, rings, trinkets, make-up sets, nail polish, hair colors will confiscated if brought to school.
Only hair clips, hair bands or ribbons for girls. Long hair should be braided.
Fancy hair cut or coloring of hair is prohibited.Student are strictly NOT allowed.

13. Slippers must be brought to be worn in the boarding. Shoes prescribed by the school have to be used. No other fancy shoes to be brought. Fancy shoes are allowed to wear only outside the school campus.

14. In case of sickness, it should be reported to the hostel in charge and to the head of management.
All incidental expenses of the boarders will be recovered from their account.

15. Boarders are not permitted to visit or stay in other rooms after 9.00 P.M.

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