Behaviour During School Tours

1. The school begins with prayer (Assembly and all are expected to be present for the same )

2. School hours are from 8:45am to 2:00pm, Monday to Friday, and up to 12:40 on Saturdays. The Second Saturday of every month is a holiday. Some Saturday will be used for extra classes, co-curricular activities seminars, workshops, Parent Teacher Meet etc.

3. Every student must have a copy of the school diary. The school Diary must be bought to school on class days.

4. Once in the school, no student will be allowed to leave the campus without the authorization of the Principal, who will require the written request from the parents to take a child out. The exit pass must be noted in the school diary, for security reasons, no one other then the parents or persons authorized by them may take the child out of the school.

5. On working days and functions children are expected to wear the uniform prescribed for the session. They must come to school neatly dressed; else they will be sent back and will be liable to disciplinary action.

6. Children are strictly forbidden to go out of the school during the school hours without permission from the Principal and a concerned class teacher.

7. Books, Note-books, Bags, Tiffin-box etc should bear the name and class of the owner. The school is not responsible for any such thing that gets lost.

8. Once students attend class he/she will not be allowed for any sort of leave. In cases of an emergency, the child should be escorted home by the parent with the written permission of the Principal.

9. No student shall loiter in the Verandah and disturb the students of the other classes.

10. The medium of instruction is English and every effort is made to teach the students to handle English as a written and spoken language. It is compulsory for all the students to speak in English in the school. A breach of this rule will incur a fine of Rs 10/- each time

11. Class monitors shall maintain the class discipline in the absence of the teacher. All students should co-operate with the monitor in maintaining the discipline of the class.

12. No students shall go out of the class during the changes of classes. In case of emergency he/she should asked permission from the concern teacher.

13. No students are allowed to bring packed junk food as Tiffin.

14. All the rules and regulations written above should be strictly followed and adhered to

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