Leave Rules For Boarders

1. Boarders are permitted to go to their local guardian on the Second Saturday of every month and they have to return back to the boarding on Sunday before 5.00 P.M.

2. Students may be granted leave up to a maximum period of three days in case of an emergency and this can be availed only once in each term.

3. Leave may be granted for special medical treatment if necessary

4. A written request from the parent should be sent directly to the warden for availing leave or head of management. Prescription to be submitted after a long absence. The Doctor’s certificate will be taken in consideration.

5. The boarders will not be sent with any other person unless he/she brings a letter of authorization from the parent.

6. Boarders are not allowed to go out the campus without the authorization of the warden or head of management.

7. While leaving the school campus they must wear the civil uniform.

8. In case of drop and pick up is required by the boarders, parents are to inform the warden in writing well in advance. The cost of the same will be recovered form their recoverable account.

9. Before leaving hostel during holidays borders have to lock all valuable items inside box or submit head of management/hostel in-charge

Kindly Note:  Parents have to meet the hostel in charge or head of management before meeting their wards. After 6.00 P.M. parents are not allowed to meet their wards.

Telephone Rules- Contact no. :- 94029 25734 (0) 60094 54823 (warden)

Parents can make telephone calls only if necessary on Sundays or holidays between 8.00 P.M. to 9.15.P.M./ Boarders are permitted to talk to their parents on Sundays between 8.00 P.M. and 9.15 P.M. In case of emergency, parents can contact the head of management.


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