1. There are two Periodic Test, Half-Yearly Exams and the Final/ Promotion Examination during the whole academic session.

2. Details of class tests, Periodic Tests and Examinations, along with the schedule and syllabus are given separately.

3. The whole year performance and Marks obtained in each Exam and Class test will be considered into account for promoting the student. 20% of the mark obtained in the Periodic Test, 30% of the mark obtained in Half-yearly and 50% of the mark obtained in the Promotion Exams will constitute the Final Annual Assessments of the Academic performance of the child.

4. The Progress Reports will give an accurate picture of the performance of the students and these records are to be maintained.

5. Regularity in attendance is important. Students failing to have at least 80% of attendance will not be allowed to appear for all Examinations. A fine of Rs 5/- per day will be imposed for any absence without prior notification.

6. A Pupil failing in more than one subject would be declared failed and the authority will not entertain any sort of representation. 6. Anyone using unfair means in examination will be debarred from further examination. She/he will be declared to have failed and may even be expelled from the School.

7. Admit Card is compulsory during Examination. It should be produced every day during the Exam.

8. Progress reports issued after the semester examination are to be collected personally by the parents from the Office.

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