Hostel Rules & Regulations For Students

These rules and regulations are framed to ensure that the students staying in the hostel is comfortable in a conducive environment for healthy living and discipline is maintained amongst inmates
1. Students are allotted rooms according to their age and class. Room allotment shall be done by the authorities. Students shall not interchange their room with another into vacant room/ bed without prior written permission from the Rector/ Warden. The Rector/ Warden have the right to shift any student from his/her room to another room in the hostel.

2. Provision of hostel accommodation at the time of admission does not automatically ensure its continuation in the subsequent years. The student has to apply every year for admission. Admission can be denied to students for low academic performance and those indulging in acts of indiscipline.

3. All furniture and fixture in the rooms allotted to the student must be cared for properly. The student will be required to pay double the original cost if any item is found damaged or missing from their room due to careless / negligent handling. The student will also be required to pay twice the charges of the repair of an item that is found to have been willfully damaged or have been damaged on account of misuse or unfair wear and tear.

4. Student is prohibited from interchanging any furniture/fixture from one point/location in the hostel to another. Besides a penal recovery as imposed by warden /Rector, students involved in such activities may be expelled from the hostel.

5. Theft/damage to hostel assets in common areas/corridors will be recovered from all students of the flank/wing involved. In case of theft/damage to items that pertain to usage by the complete hostel, the recoveries will be made from all the occupants of the hostel.

6. The student shall not bring any extra furniture or other fixture in the room. Electric appliances shall not be permitted in the room, defiance of which shall enable the Rector/ Warden to confiscate the gadget forthwith

7. The Hostel Wardens or any other Officials of the institute along with Security Guards may at their discretion inspect /check any room or student¡¦s belongings living there in any time of the day or night.

8. A student shall have to vacate the hostel within five days of completion of her/his examination or any such academic requirement, whichever is later. Any extra day will be charged as per norms and for such extra days, prior written permission from the Rector/ Warden is required.

9. The Institute/ Rector/Warden reserves the right to terminate the temporary occupancy of the student for any willful disobedience or defiance of authority, non-observance of hostel rules, causing damage to person or property or indulging in anti-social, anti-national or undesirable activities. In such cases the deposit shall be forfeited and hostel fee will NOT be refunded.

10. Students expelled from the institutes will also be expelled from the hostel and hostel fee will not be refunded
11. During the vacation, belongings should be kept in the store room under lock and key.

12. Attendance fills between 8:00 pm 9:00 pm every night. Each boarder has to personally sign the attendance register / biometric attendance record every day between 8:00 pm 9:00 pm. After such prescribed time, the student is not allowed to go out of the hostel. Going out of the hostel will lead to a disciplinary action.

13. The student shall return to the hostel before prescribed time after which gates will be closed. The gates will reopen at 6.00 a.m. the next day. Late comers will have to make an entry in the register kept at the gate, which will be informed to his / her parents and local guardians. Three late coming entries will lead to cancellation of permission to stay in hostel and fee will not be refunded.

14. The student shall take prior permission of the Warden /Rector for celebrating any festivals. Birthday celebration not allowed in hostel. There should not be any kind of discomfort to other students. No outside guest or interference of any kind will be allowed.

15. Night out shall be permitted by the Rector/Warden only under following conditions and circumstances: When permitted in writing by the Warden for academic reasons.
16. On holidays with written consent from parents/local guardian.
17. Once night out permission is accorded; student will be permitted to report only after 6.00 am in the morning. However, in case of medical emergency student can contact the warden directly.
18. The students will always carry their hostel Identity cards when moving out of the Campus, so that in case of an emergency/accident the institute can be contacted and informed. The student’s not carrying Identity card with him/her will be reported to the Warden for action.
19. No student shall keep talking with visitors in compound, either in or outside the gate/lane. No student shall take any visitor including her/his parents to the room. Personal servants/domestic helpers are not allowed inside the rooms. The parents should give an undertaking to cooperate with the authority and should be available on call.
20. Mess is compulsory for the hostellers, outside tiffin is strictly prohibited.
21. No food will be served in the rooms of the hostel for any student unless a certificate is produced form the Medical Officer to the effect that the students’ condition requires the food to be served in their rooms.
22. Students are not permitted to cook any food on their own accord in the messes or in their rooms.
23. No student can claim mess reduction unless he/she had intimated his/her absence to the concerned warden/ mess manager in advance and got prior written approval.
24. A Mess Committee comprising of Rector, Warden, Faculty and students of concerned hostel will be constituted. The mess committee will decide the menu, check food quality from time to time, maintain a record of such inspections and give feedback for improvement of food quality and other aspects of mess and dining.
25. Guests are allowed in mess only with prior permission and on payment of charges applicable.
26. The students should be decently dressed when they are out of room. For girls, tight body hugging clothes, short tops, revealing clothes etc. are forbidden outside the room.
27. Strict silence shall be observed in hostel from 12.00 midnight to 6.00 am. Care shall be taken at all times to ensure that music/loud talking is NOT audible outside the room.
28. Any manner of festivities and noise making/celebrations, which may cause disturbance to other inmates in the hostel premises, will not be allowed.
29. The student shall keep their rooms, verandah and surrounding areas tidy, neat and clean at all times and shall not throw anything including trash, in such places or any premises in the hostel, except in the dustbin or the place specifically provided for the said purpose.
30. No wet clothes should be dried on the furniture or in corridors/ balconies. The warden may confiscate any such clothes hung for drying in the balconies. No student shall store any cooked food in the room.
31. The student shall treat the staff and housekeeping staff of the Hostel with due courtesy at all times. Service of the housekeeping staff shall NOT be utilized for private or personal work. No tips in cash or kind should be given to the staff of the Hostel.
32. Ragging in any form whatsoever is strictly BANNED. It is a cognizable offence and violation will invite action as per law of the land, in addition to expulsion from the institute.
33. Being a silent spectator and not reporting/stopping others indulging in ragging is also an offence and will invite similar disciplinary action.
34. Accepting/undergoing ragging and not reporting this is also an offence. Students should report any such incident immediately to any member of the AntiRagging Committee / Warden / Principal / Rector directly at any time of the day / night.
35. The student shall not bring, store, possess, consume and/or drink any alcohol/ intoxicating drink, drug or substance of any kind what so ever and/or smoke in the room and/or any part of premises. An occurrence of such behavior shall invite strict disciplinary action leading to expulsion from Hostel, rustication from the Institute and action as per law of land.
36. No gambling of any kind whatsoever shall be allowed on the premises of the hostel. Any violation of this Rule violation will invite action as per law of the land, in addition to expulsion from the institute.
37. Any act of uploading derogatory remarks or image ridiculing a person in eyes of other against the Institute or any other person or organization will invite disciplinary action. Student should strictly refrain from indulging in any act of violating the code of internet use.
38. In addition to penalties, punishment and fine provided in these Rules, Disciplinary action as per institute shall be taken against student violating these Hostel Rules and Regulations.
39. If any common property is lost/damaged/disfigured, the loss will be recovered from the students, in equal share, who are responsible for the damage or loss or in general use of that property. In case the damage/loss cannot be pinpointed to student(s), then collective fine to recover the loss will be levied by the Campus Administrator.

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